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A Moment with Carol Rame Weddings and Special Events

Carol Rame Weddings

Carol loves working with her couples and helping them see their vision come to life.  In the end they have all worked so hard and it is rewarding for Carol to see the final result of all this work, and the couple enjoying the day with their closest family and friends.  This above image is simply a work of art with layer after layer creating pure elegance!
Crystal Tablescape

A Moment with Carol Rame:
Carol suggests that you find a Planner who “gets” your vision and who you absolutely feel comfortable with. You are trusting the Planner you have hired with your most important day. Go with your gut. Ask for testimonials, and to see their portfolio etc. Don’t just go on budget alone- the wedding business is the same as any other business-you get what you pay for.

Carol also advises a newly engaged couple to enjoy in this process-it can be fun, and doesn’t have to be stressful and it goes by so quickly! Lastly, never forget the reasons you decided to get married in the first place. Too many couples can get caught up in the “planning” of the wedding and forget that they are actually entering into a marriage.

Cake Table Design

When should couples who require your service look at booking you? (Ie 3, 6, 12 months before)
Ideally it is what the couple feels comfortable with. If they are looking for full planning and design, I would suggest right away. If they need some help with only a few aspects. I would suggest about 3-6 months prior. For Month and Day-of services, I would suggest at least a month prior.

Head Table creation by Carol Rame Weddings and Special Events
I help couples through many different aspects of planning and design.
Theme Development: Choosing colours, textures, flowers, stationary and decor. Finding a theme that is personal to both of you, and make it what you want.

Budget: Through my resources, I can help you in your final vendor decisions and find you vendors that match your price range, and keep you on track. I can also save you from making costly mistakes like hiring the wrong vendor, or not knowing the correct questions to ask before signing the dotted line. Some of my clients even receive special referral discounts from vendors because they book through me.
Problem-solving: Your bridesmaids live miles away, your groom works late nights, your Mother in Law is always making comments, your DJ cancels, your make up trial turned out wrong-believe me, it’s not what you bargained for. You trust me to help you and I will, creative thinking and having back up plans, I’m there to help, and to listen.

Specifically, Carol Rame Weddings is designed for couples who want elegance and fun! To get in touch with Carol Rame please visit her website

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