Thursday, 17 May 2012

To wear or not to Sue Gallo Designs

To wear or not to wear….some times that is the question.

Although, it is not required by etiquette, it is customary for the parents of the bride and groom to receive flowers to wear. For the dad’s the choice is easy; a boutonniere. For mom’s it can be a bit more difficult. Do you go with a corsage? If so, do you go with a pin on or a wrist corsage? Or what about a mini bouquet or posy for them to carry. There are so many options, and many conjure up horrible visions of prom corsages gone bad, tacky and out dated pieces that just aren’t pretty! Those days are gone, thank goodness.

Many mom’s forget that their clutch is a fabulous place to carry a beautiful corsage or lushous blossom. Fabulous idea for those mom’s that would rather not fling petals across the room as she tears up the dance floor.

Consider a small posy for her to carry. For those mom’s that would prefer not to attach something to their stunning gowns and are not comfortable with something dangling from their wrist. A mini posy is a beautiful accent to carry as she walks down the aisle. A simple and elegant twist on the corsage.

There are so many different and unique options available to freshen up the corsage idea. There are bold and fresh ideas with florals today. Consider using unique elements such as succulents, big and bold chrysanthemums, and using wax flower, or sweet peas in place of the traditional baby’s breath. Wristlets have come a long way as well, beautiful beaded and pearl bands add a more customized look to a corsage. 

Whether or not you choose to compliment your mom’s fabulous gown or not, I think that it is important to give mom’s the choice of what they’d like to wear or hold throughout the day. Perhaps your mom is uber-traditional and wants to wear a big bold and gorgeous garden rose blossom, and your mom in law would perfer to carry a small posy rather than wear a corsage. Eitherway, there are definate options out there for all those stylish women out there!
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